Pure Wash in the Community

Pure Wash is working hard to make sure that our impact on our environment is minimal and our contribution to our community phenomenal. Below is more details on how our process manages the water in our wash system.

Community Focused

How the Reclaiming system works:

Solids Separation

Via gravity, solid matter suspended in the water settles to the bottom of a series of tanks. These solids can then be collected and hauled away.


Used water enters the aeration tank where oxygen is infused into it. This infusion causes the naturally occurring microbes to switch from their anaerobic to aerobic state. In their aerobic state these microbes give off odorless carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.

Cyclonic Separation

From the aeration tank, the used water is pumped into a series of cyclones that separate out any remaining suspended solids larger than 5 micron (approximately the size of one human blood cell).

Biological Consumption

After cyclonic separation is complete, the used water enters the bio tank where naturally occurring microbes consume the car wash chemicals.


Once the chemicals are removed, the water enters the clarifier tank. At this point, dead microbes settle to the bottom of the tank where they are pumped out daily.

Clean Water Re-pressurization

The clean water then gravity-overflows into the clean water tank where it is stored until it is needed in the wash. On demand, the water is re-pressurized and sent back to the wash for use.